Chalice of Inner Luminosity

For our Conscious Unity Circles for Women and Men this year (2019), the topic we are working with is Chalice of Inner Luminosity We seek to attune our inner chalice to the onsetting forces of evolution, in order to attract, embody and radiate the higher vibrations of light that raise humankind’s consciousness. The journey will unfold through the following frame and …

The White Company Assembly & Alignments

We invite you to companion us as we continue the inner journey of spiritual & human development. The nature of our engagement this year is… The White Company – Assembly & Alignments.
The White Company refers to a conglomerate of divine essences that supports our evolution towards realising our true nature, our sacred self.

Gemrod Alignments – Agate

Gemrod alignments – Agate – Session 7 Play recorded session … ** Not available **   Apologies for the background noise, we were sitting around the fire when I recorded this.

Essence Evolution

An essence is the unique living vibration or frequency signature of something.

Essences can exist as pure energy or can be housed within matter.

The Essence of Patience

Patience In attuning us to the earth, Patience reminds us that everything has its own natural rhythm and timing and when we no longer force things to conform to our timing but instead learn to flow and surrender with the timing of what we would join with, the navigation of life becomes so much easier. To example this, consider the …

The Essence of Care

Where can we connect to the essence of Care? Our beautiful planet is an amazing sentient being that emanates care. She gifts us with our physical bodies and provides for all of our needs while we journey here … she is truly a great mothering, nurturing, nourishing, care-giving presence. The essence of care brings us into attunement with the planet …

Community Recipe Book

Our new community recipe book is now available at Jen’s Cookbook website. Recipes are ones shared by our community of wonderful cooks, containing a variety of raw, vegan and vegetarian type foods. You are welcome to contribute your own favourites by sending the details to us via the Contact page. This was inspired by the frequent inquiries we have from …

Gemrod Conclave

The Gemrod is a “place holder name” given to describe the new overlays of energy that govern and promote the purposes of creation’s evolutionary unfoldment.

Gemrod Alignments – Opal

Gemrod alignments – Opal – Session 7. Connection to universal mind, bringing into definition new light.

Gemrod Alignments – Topaz

Gemrod alignments Topaz – Session 6. Something new, the flowering. What do I do with this – the action.