Balancing Power

Power … an aspect of the three fold flame … Love. Wisdom. Power

The aspect of Power has been tickling through my consciousness of late. Love and Wisdom can be easier to get a grasp upon but our references to Power are often linked to the misuse or imbalance of power … such as domination … power over … powerlessness.

When I think about it in terms of Energy, I see that Love IS Universal Energy, Wisdom is the Universal Consciousness that imbues all Energy, and that Power is what Moves Energy.

In the context of the duality of 3D, Power moves as Transmission and Reception … transmissive energy often termed “masculine natured (+)” and receptive energy as “feminine natured (-)”… experienced in many ways … give/receive, create/consume, expand/condense, expel/intake, flow/ebb, talk/listen…

What led me to this pondering was a personal experience involving someone attempting to exert power over me… my initial response was one of resistance, withdrawal and protection … however this strategy was ineffective as in effect the energy generated had nowhere to go but to continue bouncing back and forth between us … it was being transmitted but not received. Once I gained awareness of this and opened myself to its flow in full reception, being conscious of allowing its passage through me without being “caught” in it, the energy came into balance and was neutralised.

The balance point between the duality of “transmissive/masculine/+ charge” and “receptive/feminine/-charge” being Neutral … no movement … stillness … Peace.

In contemplating this further I could see that the imbalance of power that we have experienced in historical culture over this past millennium, often described as an excess of dominant masculine energy, could be brought towards balance by the conscious open hearted reception of energy…  It is interesting that so many of us find it easier to give than to receive… so many filters placed on the reception of energy … protecting ourselves from pain/conflict in relationships … disconnecting from the damage and suffering of all living systems on earth … fear of the unknown… unworthiness… limitation.

Opening ourselves to the full reception of energy … holding the intention to allow passage through … not to hold but to FLOW. (If we hold, we become full… blocked to further reception … like a stagnant pond… constipated!) As we process it through, we effectively “eat” the energy… the love light of divine source within us allowing it to be harmonised, transmuted, neutralised.

As I thought further about the nature of this open hearted invitation towards energy, the word COMPASSION came to mind. In looking at the parts of the word I saw the following:
COM = communal, community, shared
PASS = passage, movement,
ION = energy

Perhaps if we meet the world with open hearted COMPASSION, we can assist to balance POWER, creating PEACE.