Cacao Chocolate Smoothie

Shared with love by our friendĀ Dr. Gregory Damato.
Makes enough for 2 large glasses.

1 cup Spring / Rain water (adjust depending on volume of other liquids added)
1 cup Almond Milk (or Rice or Oat)
1 cup Ice
Organic Banana (optional)
1/3 Vanilla Bean (flatten and cut down centre, scrape out vanilla)
1 teas Unhulled Organic Tahini
2 teas Maca Powder
2 Tabs Raw Cacao Powder
2 Tabs Dark Agave Syrup

Fill Blender with any ingredients to be ground finely. Grind, and then add rest of ingredients. Blend for 45 secs on high, pour and bliss out!

Optionally add a selection of the following:
1 tabs Raw Cashews (ground finely before adding other ingredients)
Goji Berries – (ground finely before adding other ingredients)

Coconut water and flesh from a young coconut (very good to use instead of water)
1 Organic Orange (skinned & seeded or juiced)

1 – 2 teas Raw Honey
1 teas Bee Pollen
1 teas Lucuma
1 teas Spirulina
1/2 – 1 teas Camu Camu
1/2 – 1 teas Pau D’Arco
1/2 – 1 teas Cats Claw Bark Powder
1 teas Mesquite Powder
1 fresh and seeded Chili
Any other superfood powders may be added, choose 1 or 2 since too many will make the drink too bitter.

Superfoods are available from any Organic Supermarket, or order online from Loving Earth orĀ Healthy Valley.

For a warmer drink in winter:

Serves 3
2 – 3 cups Almond Milk (depending on quantity of other liquids)
3 desp Cacao Powder
1 young coconut – water and flesh (optional)
1 fresh seeded Chili (this adds the warmth to the drink)
1 desp Raw Honey
1 desp Agave (sweeten to taste)
1 desp Maca
Add any other superfoods you wish.

Blend and warm to no more than 47oC for a warming drink.