Gemrod Alignments – Agate

Gemrod alignments – Agate – Session 7 Play recorded session … ** Not available **   Apologies for the background noise, we were sitting around the fire when I recorded this.

Gemrod Conclave

The Gemrod is a “place holder name” given to describe the new overlays of energy that govern and promote the purposes of creation’s evolutionary unfoldment.

Gemrod Alignments – Opal

Gemrod alignments – Opal – Session 7. Connection to universal mind, bringing into definition new light.

Gemrod Alignments – Topaz

Gemrod alignments Topaz – Session 6. Something new, the flowering. What do I do with this – the action.

Gemrod Alignments – Ruby

Gemrod alignments – Session 5. The gateway, tested for alignment to love consciousness, truth and light.

Gemrod Alignments – Amber

Gemrod alignments – Session 4. Puts things together, sticking together of bits of light into more conglomerate constructs.