Enlightened Practice

Enlightened Practice

Self-Management is the key … just try to keep as clear, clean and connected as you can manage. A daily maintenance process is useful. (See Daily Process)Also as you go through your day, keep in mind …Grace… Ease…Flow …Love


Grace … forgiveness in other words … resolve…disolve … let go of all hardnesses and blockages (past and present)…including attitudes, thoughts, and feelings that do not serve (see Forgiveness Process)


Ease … look for what creates the feeling of Ease and Joy in self and aim to fill more of your day with these things … lack of ease can create dis-ease… if you find yourself being brought down emotionally by events around you … either limit your exposure to the source of them (I won’t watch the news on TV for this reason) or try to find the “higher view” or “bigger picture” which lifts you up out of the mire … its not what you do but the reason why you do it that matters … intentions are more powerful then we realise and can either work for us or against us… use them to “create” more of what you want…


Flow … find the path of least resistance … look for where the feeling of most flow is … the signs will lead you there if you are allowing yourself to see them … may require letting go of old patterns/paradims of thought that limit your thinking/options… Surrender and Trust. ..time to move into the middle of the stream where the flow is strongest … the shores that keep us fixed to the past are starting to crumble .. Let Go.


Love … highest vibration there is … love is your protection … will burn off everything lower … raises your vibration and activates your DNA… Christ consciousness/ Love/Compassion and being able to experience/connect to Oneness/Unity are the essential ingredients for ascension from this dimension to the next one. The best way to attract the Love frequency is to flow it out to all … mineral kingdom… plant kingdom… animal kingdom …and human kingdom … by Law of Attraction they will then flow it back to you and thus the energy and your vibration builds…




P.S. This following link is a good reminder about how things work … the section on how Love and Fear activate DNA is particularly interesting…

part 1.. Illusion and Reality – Part 1

and part 2 … Illusion and Reality – Part 2

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