Overview of The Human Trinity Workshop

with Alison Jarred from Conscious Unity Foundation

The Human Trinity

The overarching purpose of human life is to evolve and each person’s evolutionary growth is dependent on their capacity to unify the collective consciousness fields of their body, soul and spirit. This journey in Foundational Studies utilises our understandings of Natural Law to investigate the human trinity of body, soul and spirit in order to facilitate their evolution and unification.

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Part 1. The Human Embodied … to know

To Know Thyself is the great inner journey for us all. Each human temple has a unique array of design features that give insight into its true self expression. Like a trail of clues, we will discover what our human body reveals about who we are.

Part 2. Soul Powered … to flow

The human is the bridge that gives flow between cosmos and earth and a keyway to this flow of energy is through the pentagramic power system of the soul. We will attune to these power centres and investigate what they reveal in terms of implications for health and self-management.

Part 3. Spirit Government … to grow

To live life as the conscious creator is to build our self-awareness and self-responsibility. We will explore the tools and strategies for self-government, intentional change and unification.

Where: Owen Homoeopathics Function Room, 443 Great Eastern Hwy, Redcliffe WA

When: 3 consecutive Saturdays, 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • Feb 2018 – TBA

Cost: $270 – total cost, or payment plan of $90 per Saturday
** $90 deposit required prior to course commencement to confirm your place
** Full payment must be made by last Saturday of course

Numbers limited: 21 places available

Presented by: Alison Jarred of Conscious Unity Foundation

Alison from Conscious Unity Foundation

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Owen Homeopathics Function Room

443 Great Eastern Hwy, Redcliffe WA