The Divine Keyways of Natural Law

… discover the keyways that unlock your world

Foundational Studies is a journey over nine evenings to attune you to the creational keyways that underpin all energy and form, bringing you into connection with the core truth of originating principle … Natural Law.

“Natural Law is defined as: “Inherent, unchanging conditions; having a basis in
Nature, Reality and Truth; not made or caused by humankind.”

Great thinkers, both ancient and modern, understood that there is a core pattern and order repeated at different magnitudes, that governs all observable matter in creation.

“The harmony of Natural Law reveals an intelligence of such superiority that
compared with it, all the systemic thinking and acting of human beings is an
utterly insignificant reflection.” Albert Einstein

To connect with the truth of Natural Law, we will explore how the numbers 1 – 9 give us insight into “how energy organises itself”, marry this with the natural principles of “how energy works” and investigate the evidence found in sacred geometry, nature, sound, colour, and ancient teachings… creating a weave of new perceptions and expanding your sensitivity to the creational energies that give life to all things.

The process will engage you with both headwork and heartwork … knowledge and practicals … to refine and expand your perceptions and increase your sensitive reception to these core lines of truth… a journey of discovery and connection.

AlisonWhere: Owen Homoeopathics Function Room, 443 Great Eastern Hwy, Redcliffe WA

When: 9 xThursday evenings, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

  • May 2018 (dates TBA)

Cost: $360 Payment required prior to course commencement (unless by special arrangement)

Numbers limited: 21 places available

Presented by: Alison Jarred of Conscious Unity Foundation

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For further information contact Alison on 041 999 4250 or via our Contact page.

When I heard about the Foundational Studies, I wondered if I would learn anything new. I have a background in engineering (electrical and mechanical), and I have been diving down the rabbit hole of esoterically based enquiry for well over a decade now. I am so glad I ate a big slice of humble pie and participated in Alison’s initial presentation of the Foundational Studies. Through consuming and observing how these principles of natural law show up in nature, and my experience and perception of these, has deepened my feeling of connection. My connection to the nature of my surroundings and to my life processes has increased my sense of wonder and appreciation of life. I found it fascinating how these principles of natural law tied together in a complete way, my previous studies. I now have an expanded appreciation of how mathematics, electro/magnetism/plasma, geometry and ancient esoteric knowledge all interplay in the dynamic outplay of what I/we perceive through our senses. Wow. Thank you Alison, and your assistants, for sharing this wisdom in a safe and fun atmosphere. This has enriched my zest for life and I am overflowing in appreciation and gratitude. Love, Ibis

Ibis Dancing (aka – grant seaborn)

Foundational studies with Alison have helped to open my awareness & sensory perception to the subtle energies of nature & of that that surrounds us in life. Since the completion of the nine week course I have become more in tune with what is going on around me energetically & have a greater awareness of the synchronicities in my life. I highly reccomend Foundational studies with Alison to anyone. Thank you Alison

Chris Kalahar

Alison is an amazing teacher who embodies and lives what she teaches. I have studied this course with Alison and found it life affirming and expansive. The teachings have enhanced the content of my own practice and courses. Alison is so knowledgeable on matters concerning spirit, universal laws and energy fields. She is a master energy worker who generously shares her knowledge and skills with her students. I highly recommend this course!

Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot, Gaian Heart Wisdom