Gemrod Alignments

This year, we will be discussing a new series of work called Gemrod Alignments.

We have now entered the Gemrod Era … where all energy is now multi-dimensional … compound combined condensations.

We have been registering these new condensations of energy as they have been flowing through our light bodies, activating codings within our DNA, creating changes within and without.

What once was light splitting into 7 streams (think rainbow, chakras etc) is now unified to one stream holding a 7 fold multi-dimensionality (think unified chakra) … then add another 6 new streams of condensation bringing in new light-coded information, new permissions for evolution, new activations for design enhancements within the body … and you have the “Gemrod”.

This year we will share starter alignments for the 7 multi-dimensional streams of light. Graeme and I received esoteric seedings in regard to these condensations some years ago … knowing that there would be a time when we would be required to share what we know and take it forward with others.

Now, is that time.


Gemrod Alignments – Introduction

Play recorded session …

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Apologies for the background noise, this was recorded while we were sitting around the fire.