Gemrod Conclave


The Gemrod is a “place holder name” given to describe the new overlays of energy that govern and promote the purposes of creation’s evolutionary unfoldment. Most of us recognise that we have entered a new era or epoch of time… an evolutionary shift point where perception seems to be expanding and energies are changing. People use terms such as “awakening” or “becoming conscious” and describe its actions in terms of “unity”, “oneness” and “wholeness”.

Like the expression of Light that splits into 7 colours (think rainbow) in its interplay with life, the pulse of creational energy also is expressed within 7 frequencies in order to evolve life on Earth. The term “Gemrod” is a useful name to describe these energies, just as we also use gem stone names for the individual frequencies in order to talk about them … Peridot, Amethyst, Amber, Ruby, Topaz, Opal, Agate… they are “place holder names” … not truly referring to these gemstones.

These Gemrod frequencies work within all things and facilitate the unification, expansion and refinement of energy (light, life, all beings). In engaging with the Gemrod we learn to discern the frequencies that work within and around us and thus learn how to “dance” with more ease and flow, assisting rather than resisting the changes being wrought.


The purpose of the Gemrod Conclave is to learn to navigate these frequencies within the construct of a “unified field” to access the “unknown”.

The word “CONCLAVE” reveals more when broken into “CON” & “CLAVE”. The letters of “con” are also the elemental symbols for carbon, oxygen and nitrogen … the elemental building blocks of the universe … “con” symbolises “connection” … “to join to or with”. “Clave” is latin for “key” or “unlock”. Thus we get the sense that a “conclave” is a connective process that helps us discover the “keys” to unlock something … in this case, the Gemrod.

One of the natures of the new era is that energy is more potent, this is because the energy is “conglomerate” … “multi-dimensional” … “light already unified together holding more sentience/ higher frequency / greater potency”. To interface with this conglomerate energy we can create “unified fields” with our own light bodies, find the “note” or “key” frequency to resonate with in order to give it flow, then explore our individual proneness in giving it process and harvesting the “intelligence” of it. This is the exploratory work of the Gemrod Conclave … an adventure into the “unknown” where the focus is simply to “play”. Just as the young child plays with sounds before it refines it into speech, we will play with methods of unification, connection and reception in order to discover the connective keyways.

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