Ho'oponopono Mantra

This is the mantra which consists of four statements – and it really doesn’t matter which order you say them in:

I am sorry,

Please forgive me,

I thank you,

I love you.

The attached document has all the links to research Ho’oponopono further. It is worth reading Joe Vitale’s story about how he came to it and how it has changed him.


The arrival of this mantra into my email inbox has created another phase of a transformation that has been underway within me for some months, years, decades, lifetimes….. It is timeless, it merges past and future into NOW. Try it and see!

This is my intention: Whenever I catch myself and become aware that I am in reaction to something in thought or action I pause and say it silently to “noone in particular” (as Joe Vitale expressed) – I say it within me and beyond me at the same time to the best of my ability in that moment. Now that I have begun this practice I realize there is nothing more to do. And if I spin out of alignment with it then there is nowhere to go but back into it.

Love and blessings to you all,

Eli Za Raven


I believe his latest book “Zero Limits” is very inspiring