Listening to the Intuitive Voice

If the nature of Universal Energy/Consciousness is one of “call and response” … the flow of evolutionary upgrade coming like waves through the cosmos … and us as the terminal points of connection upon this planetary orb being able to receive and respond … how can we best be open to receive this signal and make our own unique note of response?

It would seem practice at listening to the intuitive voice of our own connection could be very important … trusting ourselves and moving forward with faith in that inner knowing … much suggests that it is no longer the time for gurus, teachers or other external means of guidance and information … each of us has a unique design (as evidenced by your unique fingerprints – our own set of magnetic lines) … we each can connect to our own inner truth.

So how do we practice listening to the intuitive voice?

Try calling to your mighty “I AM THAT I AM” … the unique portion of the Creator that is you and directs your time here … place your hand on your heart to centre your awareness there … now ask it whatever question that you wish to seek guidance on … then wait … FEEL for the response … eventually it will come … initially it may be very slight … kind of like a positive feeling or a negative feeling. Then ACT on the response you received … this gives your intuitive faculty the confirmation that you believe it and TRUST it. From experience I have discovered that the more I do this, the stronger and quicker the response becomes. Don’t wait for the “big important” questions to try it out … practice on anything that comes along … should I buy the red shirt or the green one?… regular practice is the key here.