May Peace Be Within You

It is easy to maintain our equilibrium when all is in ease and flow around us … however the true test of Peace is whether we can maintain that inner balance when immersed within the chaos of life’s challenges. For Peace based outside of ourselves is always going to be conditional on what is occurring around us … it will be subject to the winds of change.


So how do we create Peace within?


In reaching for Inner Peace it seems Acceptance and Surrender is an aspect … “it is as it is”. This is echoed in the Buddhist aspects of equanimity and impermanence… meeting each moment as it comes without being caught in whether it brings joy or sorrow … holding the inner counsel that “this too will pass.”


Remembering also that we can choose to create our peace and happiness in each perfect moment of Now – not waiting for some future set of requirements. Sometimes we put conditions on when we will be happy … “I will be happy when I have … a new job … the children have left home … I go on holidays. Reach for happiness Now … it is always within your grasp.


Our Attitude or Self-talk about what is happening is important … catching those negative thoughts and words and reframing them into something positive … allowing forgiveness for the ones that got out before we could catch them. Our thoughts and words have the power of creation in them … be mindful of what you are creating for yourself and those around you.


Looking for the Lesson is another key … change from “why is this happening to me” to “what am I meant to learn from this” … recognising in the difficult people and moments that challenge us the teachers and lessons sent to help us grow. Own what is happening rather than blaming or feeling victim of it … we attract the people and events that we need… see them as the signposts of the higher purpose pathway. As we meet and understand the lessons we are able to continue on the journey … if not dealt with – it has a way of coming around again. Flowing Gratitude for the true gifts these lessons represent instead of being in resistance …


Fake it till you make it! Act the part of Peace and it will find you. Consciously slow down your inner speeds … take those deep slow breaths … spend even just 10 minutes quietly in Nature.


Look for how to gift others with love and peace … what we give is what we receive … such are the Laws of Attraction and Recompense.


Lift yourself up. When all is dark and murky reach for the higher view … raise your energy vibration. Take your awareness to the centre of your being and feel the oneness of connection with Divine Source and the Great Mother … flow light and love within and without.


May Peace be within you today.