MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution

I wouldn’t normally advertise a product on our site, but this one is definitely worth sharing since it is such a useful addition to the home healing kit of natural remedies, and it really does work. We have tried it on ourselves and the kids with a few long term minor health issues (cleared that up very quickly) and the usual winter bugs. We definitely plan to take some with us when we go overseas and skip all the toxic vaccinations.

Its very low cost and simple to use. Usually you will find it advertised as a water purifier (which it is – very handy for any international travel) – due to action taken by drug companies to keep this off the market.

Australian supplier is MMS Australia in Helensvale Qld, they have a website so you can order online here.

Jim Humble researched the healing properties and wrote books about all that it can do, and how to use it. The eBook can be downloaded from his site which details all of the protocols (mixes for different uses) and what it can be used for – kills all pathogens in the body.

Make sure you read all of the instructions first before starting to get the full benefit.

Jim’s site is An article covering some amazing facts about MMS based on Jim’s own experiences with MMS in Africa, curing Malaria and other diseases is available at

In his book called “Breakthrough- The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century” he shares how to make it for yourself. If you purchase his book it will help towards funding his work in Africa curing people of Malaria and other diseases.