The Essence of Care

Where can we connect to the essence of Care?

Our beautiful planet is an amazing sentient being that emanates care. She gifts us with our physical bodies and provides for all of our needs while we journey here … she is truly a great mothering, nurturing, nourishing, care-giving presence.

The essence of care brings us into attunement with the planet … by playing her “tune” we harmonise with her core essence. Through harmony we facilitate a two-way flow of energy and information for our joint growth and evolution.

What does true care look like?

To understand care it is useful to contemplate it in the context of the polarity bar.
(Remembering also that in balancing polarities, you can achieve new elevation and connection.)

Care Polarity Bar



True or balanced care was once described to me as feeling like a “warm fresh breeze”; if too cool or cold, then there was not enough of it; if too sticky then it was being overplayed and causing attachments which would limit or rob possibility for growth.

True or balanced care is given cleanly without “strings attached”; it warms or nourishes in a way that brings growth not diminishment; it accepts and respects the perfection of each moment and each being, acting in a way that is life-affirming and best-encouraging.

Care Affirmation

I embody, empower and emanate an essence of care that is warm, clean and life-affirming.

(These affirmations are like an instruction to all parts of self. Breathe deeply to find your centre and speak it into your core, seeing the message transmitting outwards to all parts of your physical and energetic being. You could combine it with a colour and sound if you wish. Repeating it each day for a cycle of 28 days is a natural reset cycle)

Audio for Care