The Essence of Patience


In attuning us to the earth, Patience reminds us that everything has its own natural rhythm and timing and when we no longer force things to conform to our timing but instead learn to flow and surrender with the timing of what we would join with, the navigation of life becomes so much easier.

To example this, consider the sense of time and cycle of a long-lived tree – a hundred years for us is like a year for a tree. Anyone who has attempted to connect with the consciousness of a tree will know that they need to slow down their own internal “speed” until they can resonate with the tree’s inner timing.

Everything has a natural rhythm which is linked to its vibration or energy signature and as we attune ourselves to these timings we find a deep sense of connection that allows information to transfer.

This is also true for the inner parts of the human. Each organ in the body, e.g. heart, lungs, kidneys etc, all have their own timings and energy signatures – indeed the ancient teachings say that these are also resonate with different planets in our solar and star systems.

Patience calls us to listen deeply …

Altogether we are a collection of multiple timings, each capable of bringing information to our collective consciousness if we take the time to listen deeply.

Quietening the internal “noise” and listening deeply to the great intelligence receptor that is our body is necessary to find the attunement to the variety of timings that form the dance of life.

Patience calls for trust… to trust in the perfection of each moment …

Knowing in each moment you have the choice of how to respond, what to engage with, how you want to dance with the divine unfoldment of your human experience. Patience understands how to be the beacon for what it wants to attract.

Patience calls us to be ready to respond …

Patience is different to waiting. It is an active state not a passive one. We need to be ready to respond to the invitation to join the dance whenever the timing is right. It is about being vigilant and surveillant, watchful for the synchronicities that are creation’s signals to come and play.

We can experience a polarity of Patience…

Lack of Patience reveals our lack of trust and value for the moment we are in. Too busy rushing forward to the next moment believing it will deliver what we need. This is the place of over-active will force which tries to force or control the outcome. Our internal speeds racing so fast that we miss what is available to us in the Now point.

Too much Patience is like inertia. It has a feeling of complacency and waiting. Without movement it is hard to engage with the dance of life as the moments that invite us to play often pass us by without notice.

Balanced Patience is about being fully present in the moment you find yourself in, open to receiving its gifts, watchful for its synchronicities, ready to respond to its invitation to dance.

Affirmation for Patience:

I embody, empower and emanate an essence of Patience that listens deeply, trusting in the perfection of each moment and ready to respond.

(These affirmations are like an instruction to all parts of self. Breathe deeply to find your centre and speak it into your core, seeing the message transmitting outwards to all parts of your physical and energetic being. You could combine it with a colour and sound if you wish. Repeating it each day for a cycle of 28 days is a natural reset cycle)

Audio for Patience