The White Company Assembly & Alignments

We invite you to companion us as we continue the inner journey of spiritual & human development. The nature of our engagement this year is… The White Company – Assembly & Alignments

The White Company refers to a conglomerate of divine essences that supports our evolution towards realising our true nature, our sacred self.

Every thought and feeling we have leaves a residual vibration that contributes to the growth of who we are … essentially these serve to assemble our collective vibration or resonance.

Our resonance or vibration governs what we attract into our experience through Law of Attraction.

Through becoming increasingly conscious of how we assemble ourselves, we can make ourselves attractive to high fine essences, who through their interaction with us and passage through us, can accelerate the refinement of our being and assist in raising the collective consciousness. This interaction also helps to highlight where we still hold warp or limitation, assisting us to find new alignments for better flow and embodiment.

Thus our intention this year is to consciously Assemble and Align ourselves in order to attract and give passage to the divine essences of The White Company.

We will investigate the following topics as a means of focusing our inner inquiry towards refinement of self.

1. The Sacred Self
2. Purpose
3. The Will
4. Mental Refinement
5. Emotional Refinement
6. Values
7. Standards
8. Navigation
9. Staying Real
10. The Sovereign Self

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