Essence Evolution

I think 2016 will herald a year of significant change. Since the transition of 2012, we have received 3 big waves of light, a trinity of light codes to activate the evolution of ourselves and our planet. This year I feel that old structures that still hold us in limitation will receive signal to dissolve, allowing a reformation to take place at many levels.

To support this reformation process, this year we will potentise connection to living essences to fortify our light bodies and to flow high vibrational energy into the collective web to assist the raising of consciousness… creating an Essence Evolution.

The image shows the map of the journey we will take.

What is an essence?

An essence is the unique living vibration or frequency signature of something.

Essences can exist as pure energy or can be housed within matter.

The unique essence of each human (the true self frequency) can be witnessed in the pattern of magnetic lines that form on the skin … our fingerprints.

Essences can also be manufactured by the human. Our bodies are amazing processing machines for the 4 elements … earth (food), water, air and fire (energetic signals).

These combined with our thoughts and feelings, create energy signatures that emanate out via our aura, e.g. when we feel angry we manufacture and emanate this essence or energy signature – others can feel this when in our presence – in fact it can even be felt as an energy left behind in a room where you have been angry … it continues to live on as an energetic vibration.

Law of Attraction means that energies or essences of the same frequency attract. Where essences gather together in large conglomerates, they gain sentience and are call entities.

High vibrational essences can transform or diminish lower vibrational essences.

Consciously manufacturing, emanating and attracting high vibrational essences can greatly enhance the evolutionary unfoldment of both yourself and the planet.

What is an Essence Audio