Working in the Light

Working in the Light embodies  Love, Service, Humility and Unity.

Love is both our connection and protection… the highest of vibrational frequencies … alignment with it will clear all lower frequencies from our field of being. Unconditional love connects us into the energetic oneness of the prime creator … gifting us with the capacity to heal, co-create, awaken intuitive faculties and more…

Love is all you need … everything else flows from this…

Service is “Love in Action”… the gifting of ourselves to assist, uplift and refine all that we meet … don’t wait for the big moments to come along … it is in the attitude you take to all things on each day … whether helping a seed to grow … rescuing an animal in need … or giving encouragement or assistance to a stranger.

Service allows us to assist ourselves and others onto the upward spiral … for all things are on a journey back to the source of its creation … spiraling back to the core of all things. With each action you take it is worth considering whether it will help to “spiral up” or “spiral down”… move you closer to your goal or further away…

When we take our focus away from ourselves and the many life challenges that beset us … thus lifting ourselves from the mundane to the divine … the Law of Attraction comes into play … we attract what we keep our attention on … in this way more of the divine energy of life flows towards us bringing more magic and uplift into our lives … to then be gifted onto whoever comes into our own circles of connection.

We Give in order to Receive … flow out to create flow in… what you do unto others truly becomes what you do to yourself…

Humility is the key to connecting to our inner intuitive voice … the true egoless state … the voice of the heart space where Truth can be “felt”. It is the busy mind with its constructions of ego that can lure us with grandiose ideas and a sense of elitism or spiritual snobbery. True masters have always walked the simple path of humility, demonstrating  unconditional love through their actions and bringing all within a sphere of unity.

Unconditional love is without judgement, competition or discrimination. It embraces the “sameness” not the “difference”… “oursness” not “mineness”. It disolves all barriers of separation through the magic of grace (forgiveness) … creating true Unity between ourselves and all things.

Unity is created when we come together under the principal of unconditional love… unitied in purpose towards something higher than ourselves … when we consciously unite our intentions as a team we are capable of co-creating much more than we could ever acheive on our own.

TEAM = Together Each Achieves More

As we unite together… holding unconditional love in our hearts … caring and sharing … then we will co-create …Heaven on Earth!