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About Series 2: Inner Alchemy – Path of Transformation

The art of transforming lead into gold … a process for deep inner work! An online journey exploring the ancient knowledge of alchemy and applying the seven stages of transformation to your inner world.

(details will be sent via email prior to the 1st lesson)

Alchemy is an ancient magical tradition, its origins attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, a deity associated with Thoth and the Emerald Tablets. Hermes harnessed the power of elemental forces in a seven step process to divinize matter.

Alchemists refer to this as the Magnum Opus or “Great Work” and it describes a process of separation, refinement and union of forces to create a new higher vibrational result … transforming the density of lead into the purity of gold.

When applied to inner spiritual development, this process describes the psychological steps needed to transform the density of our ego into a more enlightened state … the refinement of our soul being the true prize.

Course Outline

You will receive:

This online journey of 7 lessons will explore the ancient knowledge of alchemy and how to apply the seven stages of transformation to your inner world.

This course will:

  • take you on a journey through each of the 7 stages of transformation
  • demonstrate how this knowledge relates to the growth of consciousness,
  • include a Q & A interaction with Alison
  • A Telegram group chat will be available for questions and reflections

Each lesson includes:

  • 90min online session
  • Access to recordings of the sessions
  • Ebooks with summary of information and exercises


You will need to setup the following on either your desktop or phone/tablet as you prefer prior to the first lesson.

  • Zoom app downloaded and signed in with your name displaying correctly (available at Zoom Centre)
  • Telegram app downloaded and signed in for messages and chat channel (available at Telegram Applications)