A spa treatment for your energetic system

to clean and rebalance the subtle bodies for optimum well-being
Indulge yourself with these series of energy treatments designed to clear, align, heal and harmonise your energy body.

To begin, sound and smoke (organic white sage) is used to remove static and energetic smut off the subtle bodies.


Alison uses her ability to perceive the energy flow within the aura to remove blocks and restore alignment within the energetic systems.


Graeme is a trained prana-therapist and augments the flow of prana through the body to facilitate healing and well-being.


To complete the spa, you will spend time inside the large Genesa Crystal to allow the body to naturally harmonise and rebalance.

$120 (1 hour)

Prana Therapy
Genesa Crystal - SPA

More about the Genesa Crystal

The Genesa Crystal is a sacred geometric sculpture whose shape is perfectly aligned with the divine proportion of nature – a ratio known as the Golden Phi.

It is described as a crystal because its geometric shape mirrors that of a natural crystal and it is able to generate a measurable vortex of energy.

In the 1940’s, Dr. Derald Langham, a plant geneticist, discovered that at the 8-cell stage of development, the cellular structure of all living organisms is identical.

From this point in development, Dr. Langham asserted that “life can expand in any direction.”

He was the first to discover that this shape, which he called “Genesa” (technically a cubatahedron), “held the full potential for infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite form, infinite energy, infinite power, for the Soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith.”

Further research has documented the Genesa Crystal’s ability to augment the life force in gardens, increasing yield and vibrancy; many report an increased communication with nature, fairies and angels in its presence; and many have experimented with its ability to restore the body to harmonic balance, countering the effects of the energetic pollution upon the energy body.

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