Senses of the Soul

The topic for our work this year is Senses of the Soul.

We are all aware of our physical senses as important energy gateways that enable our Physical Body to experience our world through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Our Soul Body also uses perceptual senses to achieve its purpose of integrating its many soul aspects in order to “know and grow” itself as an expression of the divine… thus expanding the complexity of its light codes and evolving its consciousness.

These higher subtle senses have mostly atrophied as we experienced the diminishment of human consciousness since the fall of Atlantis.

However the Age of Aquarius is bringing a new surge of light codes, reawakening these faculties in order that we may reclaim our evolutionary pathway towards the Golden Age.

Join us as we investigate the Senses of the Soul … learning their characteristics and functions in order to bring conscious awareness to their development and reawakening.

Recordings of our Exploration into Senses of the Soul

1. Sense of Divine

This inner sense allows us to imagine, conceive, and create divinities.

Throughout time, indigenous groups have “sung” their ancestors to a location and continued to provide devotional energy to this collection of soul energy until it became “self-realised” and able to enter into a reciprocal relationship with the exchange of energy and information. These “human-created divinities” became a bridge to higher conscious divinity structures.

This inner sense also allows us to extend our consciousness beyond our physical body.

Our ability to see ourselves as ‘other’; to be the external witness of our thoughts, emotions and actions; to be able to move the point of our consciousness beyond the physical container of our body in various ‘out of body’ travels such as remote viewing and astral travel; to connect to other dimensions of space and time; these are all abilities that utilise our inner sense of divine.

The sense of Divine brings the perception that we are spirit having a human experience in order for our unique portion of divinity to grow and know itself.

Our objectives being our own self-realisation and the divinisation of the world of matter, in order to increase its complexity and unity, by embedding meaning in all we create.

The Soul and the 3 Border Senses

The Soul is a container for the meaning we make of our life experiences. Like all containers it is made of the elements earth, air, fire, water, and its unifying centre, ether. The senses of the soul correspond to these 5 elements with the Sense of Divine at the centre.

The 3 Border Senses are filters of perception that govern the consciousness experience of the incarnating soul, e.g. which frequency density or dimension it is able to perceive … 3D or 4D?

2. Sense of Desire

This inner sense is the soul’s engine for bringing change in our life in order to move us towards expressing our soul’s desire.


We feel desire at different potencies in our being. Every day we experience the desires of our thoughts. This is our least potent form of desire, often fleeting and impulsive. If we ignore them, they soon pass.


When the energies of our emotions are engaged, our heart’s desire is felt with more potency. We feel a stronger pull in these directions and usually the impulse to give expression to these desires is longer lasting.


Our soul’s desires spring from our divine essence and relate to the fractal of divinity that our soul represents in terms of what it has come to learn more about … we feel this as our soul mission. This aspect of soul desire brings a feeling of satisfaction, completion and settlement when it is being fulfilled. This is why sometimes the fulfilment of our heart’s desire (e.g. the acquisition of material world goods) does not always result in a feeling of completion when it is achieved … often there is a sense that something is still missing.


When we are able to align our thoughts, emotions and soul desires all into the same direction … towards meeting our higher soul purpose, we are able to powerfully manifest. The united alignment of energy causes a strong pull on the law of attraction and accelerates the synchronic events onto the timeline we are journeying.

3. Sense of Dream

This is a receptive sense that allows us to receive information from the soul collective … not only our own soul but the group soul or oversoul of humanity … a rich source of wisdom beyond the distortions of the time/space matrix.

Soul information is usually received in the form of emotion. Emotions are a more dense, complex and nuanced form of energy from which meaning can arise. Many esoteric teachers advise “heart first, head second” … allowing the field of heart intelligence to collect or condense the energy before the field of the mind brings it into definition. The mind being more limited by our capacity to clothe the signals we receive with the level of words and understanding we currently have.

We sometimes connect to the Sense of Dream through our sleeping dream state but can also reach this state through meditation. To access the soul threshold, we need to be in a state of heart coherence, vibrating at the frequency of love-consciousness, as this opens the higher heart gateway through which the soul connects.

4. Sense of Memory

This sense opens the awareness of self to the soul memory in order that we can access the ‘eternal present’. We are able to access contemporary lives (parts of the soul incarnated in other humans and also other sentient beings like plants and animals); past lives (even though these may not be chronologically in the past … some may be in what we perceive as future); and oversoul (connection to the greater wisdom of the collective soul or ‘race mind’ of our species).

Our soul serves our evolution by being the repository of the memory of each incarnation, which is then built upon by subsequent lives. Soul memory is not just a replay of experiences but forms through a combination of the information of the experience, powered by the emotion attached to the experience, and united through the meaning we made of the experience:

Soul Memory = information + emotion + meaning

Understanding this gives us insight into the importance of how the meaning we make from life’s experiences affects the growth and vibration of our soul.

The soul evolves in complexity and power by integrating with other soul parts in each incarnation. This is explained in more detail in the recording where the structure of the soul is discussed. In brief the Dominant Soul (from last incarnation) attaches to many other soul parts (Masculine & Feminine – expressed as personalities), with an Incomplete Soul aspect (which gives it the impetus to seek to grow) and together they journey, learning how to unify and integrate their various aspects, abilities and memories to create a new Forming Soul part (which becomes the Dominant Soul of the next incarnation).

5. Sense of Exchange

All beings have a soul. Soul holds memory information of the experience of a form allowing the divine source to grow and know itself. Different forms have differing complexity of soul, e.g. humans have a more complex soul structure than many animals and plants.

Sense of exchange allows the soul to exchange energy (soul memory) in order to share and integrate (light information) with other forms (or even within self) so that all forms are able to evolve in complexity and unity.

The power of connection is facilitated with emotion, particularly higher emotions such as love, compassion, gratitude and joy. Love is the glue! Love is also the filter mechanism that allows for clean exchange. Due to law of attraction, like attracts like, so in any exchange you will connect with whatever frequency match you are generating within yourself.

Border Senses

Border senses represented on the symbol by the triangle which surrounds the circle with the cross relates to conscious perception.
We can understand this when we look at physical senses which gather impressions from our environment. These impressions pass through the conscious perception filters of mind, emotion and instinctual feeling in order to make meaning.
Soul senses also pass through a filter in order to tune the conscious perception of the soul to the density or dimension of the soul’s place of incarnation. Our soul essence lives outside of space and time and has connection to a whole span of conscious densities. In order for it to be able to perceive and interact at the level of dimension it has chosen to experience it uses the border senses to calibrate the conscious perception of the soul to match the level of density.
Trinity of Consciousness can be understood through various frames such as:

Feminine Border Sense for the Soul: Wisdom / Evolution / Memory

This aspect of the border sense governs the conscious perception of the soul by guiding the soul promptings in the direction of our evolution – the return to source. We perceive this guidance as a FELT truth (more feeling than knowing) and it acts like an Inner Truth compass. Of course we can overcome these inner promptings through the action of our free will and always have choice whether to follow this guidance or not. Sometimes this guidance can feel like ‘remembering’ as the soul is a container for the collective memory consciousness.

Masculine Border Sense for the Soul: Will Power /Action /Time

This aspect of the border sense governs the soul’s actions within the dimension it has chosen to incarnate. It filters the soul’s perception to attune it to the density of its environment as here on Earth we currently have a dual construct of both 3rd Density and 4th Density being supported as the planet evolves. Our soul assists us in this evolutionary shift by changing our awareness of time, from a 3D sense of linear time (cause and effect) where we are reactors and responders to events; to a 4D sense of time as a fluid landscape, where we are co-creators and attractors of events through synchronicity. Our soul sense acts to guide our evolution through the actions of knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves & others, and seeing the creator within ourselves and all things.

Unifying Border Sense for the Soul: Love /Energy / Union

This aspect of the border sense governs and filters the conscious perception of the soul.