Ceremonies help to make life sacred

By bringing a sense of ceremony around the important milestones of our Life’s journey, we can deepen the meaning and value
we have for these personal times of change and transformation.
Ceremonies also bring the community together to witness the sacredness of life’s many transitions causing a deepening of the feelings of interconnectedness that bind us together.

Alison has studied the deeper esoteric meaning to many of life’s important transitions and weaves this information into creating beautiful ceremonies which are life-affirming and empowering. She will co-create with you to develop a ceremony personalised to your circumstances.

Ceremonies include:
Menarche Ceremony

This is a special transition from girl to young woman as the menstrual cycle begins.

Ceremony helps us to counter old cultural views that saw the monthly cycle as a “curse” or something to be hidden and helps us to re-establish the value of this natural life change as a blessing of the divine feminine and a beautiful service to our planet.

21st Ceremony

Twenty-one is often known as “the key to the door” but what doorway does it truly represent? Ancient knowledge appreciates that the human development journey unfolds through cycles of 7 years.

The first 3 cycles represent the growth and development of the body, the emotions and the mind, culminating into a cohesive structure at age 21 … thus the true doorway to autonomy and adulthood. Bringing ceremony to this transition helps to release limiting dependence upon others, while strengthening the sense of self-responsibility for life’s unfolding journey.

49th Ceremony

Forty-nine is the seventh seven … another important point in the human development journey. This represents the turning point between the great in-breath where we gather what has been learnt from all our experiences, and the great out-breath where we give service back to the world around us from the wisdom we have gathered.

This ceremony helps us to harvest the 7 cycles of 7, separating what we wish to take forward from that we would like to release. A special life-affirming ceremony that fortifies us and brings clarity to our entry into the Age of Wisdom.

Croning Ceremony

Menopause is another special transition from women to crone. Countering old cultural views that have made women feel worthless and ugly, this ceremony is important to reclaim the important potential of this doorway of transition.

Crone had the ancient meaning of “crowned one” and referred to the higher connection to the wisdom of the cosmos that was available to women once they had completed their service to the planet through the menstrual cycle. The use of ceremony is important for empowering each crone’s intention to walk this higher path of service.

Transition Ceremony

Life brings us moments of clear transition, as if a phase or timeline has completed and another is about to begin. Ceremony can help to clarify and collect all that has been learnt from the previous phase; releasing any old energy of limitation; and empowering your new direction and vision.

This sacred ceremony utilises the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire to weave a Dreamcatcher, deepening your sense of self and strengthening the power of your dreams.

Making Life Sacred
$120 for a 1 hour consultation to design your ceremony

** Quotes to facilitate and conduct the ceremony for you provided if required

Making Life Sacred

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