We are living in a time where our consciousness and that of the planet we inhabit is evolving. Our enquiry this year looks at the structure of consciousness in order to better understand where we are and what lies ahead.

Focusing on the indicators of growth, and learning the tools and techniques that assist us to move beyond limitation and resistance, to embrace this journey of change.

Inspiration for the content of this year’s circle has come from the channelled work known as “The Law of One”. This work was recorded from 106 conversations (1981-1984) with a sixth-density social memory complex identified as “Ra”. Within this work were many insightful descriptions of the metaphysical structure of consciousness and our evolution through levels of consciousness density. The original transcripts can be freely accessed via their website: www.lawofone.info

Women’s Circle Dates: 5 Feb, 5 Mar, 2 Apr, 7 May, 11 Jun, 2 Jul, 6 Aug, 10 Sep, 1 Oct, *Unification 12 Nov

Men’s Circle Dates: 19 Feb, 26 Mar, 23 Apr, 21 May, 25 Jun, 23 Jul, 20 Aug, 17 Sep, 15 Oct, *Unification 12 Nov

To complete the journey, the Women and Men come together at the Unification Circle on 12th November to unify our conscious enquiry and bring ceremony to radiate our collective work for the benefit of humankind.

Join us as we investigate the Evolution of Consciousness …  learning ways to bring conscious awareness to our development and reawakening.

If you would like to join us please contact us via our Contact page for more information.

An overview of the definition of Density is covered both in the first circle and throughout the year as a reference.

The PDF document is available as a reference for this topic. Click on the PDF icon to download the reference sheet.

Reference sheet – DENSITIES

Recordings of our exploration into the Evolution of Consciousness

Evolution of Consciousness – Introduction