We are living in a time where our consciousness and that of the planet we inhabit is evolving. Our enquiry this year looks at the structure of consciousness in order to better understand where we are and what lies ahead.

Focusing on the indicators of growth, and learning the tools and techniques that assist us to move beyond limitation and resistance, to embrace this journey of change.

Inspiration for the content of this year’s circle has come from the channelled work known as “The Law of One”. This work was recorded from 106 conversations (1981-1984) with a sixth-density social memory complex identified as “Ra”. Within this work were many insightful descriptions of the metaphysical structure of consciousness and our evolution through levels of consciousness density. The original transcripts can be freely accessed via their website: www.lawofone.info

Women’s Circle Dates: 5 Feb, 5 Mar, 2 Apr, 7 May, 11 Jun, 2 Jul, 6 Aug, 10 Sep, 1 Oct, *Unification 12 Nov 2023

Men’s Circle Dates: 19 Feb, 26 Mar, 23 Apr, 21 May, 25 Jun, 23 Jul, 20 Aug, 17 Sep, 15 Oct, *Unification 12 Nov 2023

To complete the journey, the Women and Men come together at the Unification Circle on 12th November to unify our conscious enquiry and bring ceremony to radiate our collective work for the benefit of humankind.

Join us as we investigate the Evolution of Consciousness …  learning ways to bring conscious awareness to our development and reawakening.

If you would like to join us please contact us via our Contact page for more information.

An overview of the definition of Density is covered both in the first circle and throughout the year as a reference.

The PDF document is available as a reference for this topic. Click on the PDF icon to download the reference sheet.

Reference sheet – DENSITIES

Recordings of our exploration into the Evolution of Consciousness

Evolution of Consciousness

The evolution of our consciousness proceeds through 7 densities, each density holding a greater complexity of light allowing the Divine Creator to know and grow itself. This is a metaphysical description of the nature and purpose of each stage of our progression back into unity with the oneness of all that is.

The Harvest

We are on a planet that is shifting between 3rd density and 4th density, in response to the completion of her stellar cycle of 75,000 years.

Our souls have opportunity to choose to ascend with her into 4th density or continue our exploration of 3rd density. The “harvest” describes this choice point and brings focus to the nature of this shift.

Spiritual Balancing

The teaching of “as above, so below” helps as to perceive that the progression through 7 densities also occurs within us and can be related to our rainbow chakras.

When our lower earthly chakras are blocked through how we meet our life experiences, this impacts on the upper spiritual chakras. Spiritual balancing is the process to understanding how to unblock and rebalance our inner densities.

Love & Light

The Source of ALL is within a void space full of potentiality can be likened to the great womb of the Divine Feminine and relates to the force of LOVE, where all is part of the great Oneness.

Into this void comes the LIGHT, codes of information that fertilise and allow form to be created, so that the Divine Source may know and grow itself. This light is like the action of the Divine Masculine.

From here these two polarities dance together, creating the movement necessary for everything to expand into diversity and then be drawn back into unity.

Positive Polarisation

“A thing is known by its opposite.”

Polarisation assists us to know ourselves through the contrast of what we are and what we are not.

Catalysts which cause us suffering will come from the other end of the polarity, e.g. as we move towards love consciousness of the 4th density, suffering comes from experiences that make us feel separate, alone and unloved … this includes our own thoughts/emotions that cause separation such as judgement, fears, comparison, greed, pride, etc. This suffering ideally serves to motivate us to resolve/ release/ heal the separation and move towards unity.

In choosing to positively polarise towards “Service to Others”, this growth towards unity consciousness requires self-knowledge; the ability to accept self and others; and the capacity to see the creator in ALL things.

Becoming Group

Why is group consciousness so important?

To evolve beyond the third density where we experience a sense of separation in order to know our uniqueness.

Our journey of evolution leads us to transcend separation through the development of love consciousness, bring acceptance of others and a capacity to see the creator within self and all things.

Veil of Forgetting

What is the purpose of the Veil of Forgetting in our evolution?

It assists us to experience polarisation, the requirement to make a choice and foster self awareness. This is a useful tool for our evolution when working in the 3rd density.

Higher Self

The higher self exists at the 6th density of the Soul.

Its service is to guide the lower densities of self.

We are able to best access this when the green ray (heart) is activated.