ELEMENTAL EVOLUTION is the topic for this year’s conscious enquiry.

Focusing on the elemental forces of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the journey of our Circle Work is to explore the polarities of their expression, finding the evolutionary pathway of balance within our physical and spiritual experiences.

Women’s Circle Dates: 11 Feb, 10 Mar, 14 Apr, 5 May, 16 Jun, 14 Jul, 11 Aug, 8 Sep, 6 Oct, *Unification 10 Nov

Men’s Circle Dates: 25 Feb, 24 Mar, 28 Apr, 9 Jun, 30 Jun, 28 Jul, 25 Aug, 29 Sep, 20 Oct, *Unification 10 Nov

* To complete the journey, the Women and Men come together at the Unification Circle on 10th November to unify our conscious enquiry and bring ceremony to radiate our collective work for the benefit of humankind.

We hope you can join us.

If you would like to join us please contact us via our Contact page for more information.

Our exploration into Elemental Evolution

The journey begins in the exploration of how our physical incarnation is influenced by elemental forces. Our enquiry looks at characteristics of each element’s influence; how limitations arise when the elements are out of balance; and what strategies we can use to bring a more useful balance to our evolutionary journey.


FIRE – element of light, power, catalyst, change, ignition


WATER – element of flow,  reception, emotion


AIR – flow, thought, communication, breath