Graeme & Alison unite their experience and wisdom to offer insightful guidance and practical solutions to life’s complexities.

Available for:

  • Individual, Adolescent, Couple and Family Counselling
  • Spiritual Guidance and Inner Transformation Pathways
  • Mentoring Sessions for other Practitioners
$120 / hour

Graeme’s experience stems from over 20 years of counselling practice with individuals, couples and families utilising a variety of innovative models for inner enquiry and solution-based change.

Graeme has a Masters in Counselling and blends his academic knowledge with over 30 years of spiritual study and practice.

Alison has grown her wisdom though over 30 years of spiritual study, practice and teaching.

Alison has taught many courses relating to spiritual physics and human development and has facilitated regular meditation and wisdom circles for more than 10 years.

Her deep interest in esoteric knowledge and spiritual development provides a rich foundation of practical tools and strategies for facilitating inner growth and transformation.

Together they provide a holistic counselling approach, balanced through both masculine and feminine perspectives, in order to facilitate the growth of awareness and empower the ability to change.

Holistic Counselling

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