The topic for our work this year is Inner Alchemy.

Alchemy is an ancient tradition that can be traced through many cultures to describe a magical process for the refinement and union of forces to create a higher vibrational result.

Referred to as the Magnum Opus by alchemists, this process, often represented as transforming the density of lead into the purity of gold, can be used as a metaphor for inner spiritual development.

This years’ work will investigate the principles of alchemical transformation, defining the psychological steps that transform the density of our ego into a more enlightened state … a journey for the refinement of our soul.

The Philosophers Stone

The Philosophers Stone is a mythical alchemical process capable of turning base metals such as mercury into gold and is symbolised by this diagram.

Esoterically, it symbolises the transformation of the self.

This is what is known as the “Great Work”.

** The principles of these symbols and how they relate to the work of Inner Alchemy will be covered and referenced throughout our journey into the inner self.

4 archetypal elements.

According to Alchemy, everything in existence comprises 4 archetypal elements.

These are Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

The myriad ways the 4 elements combine determines the nature of all things, both physical and non-physical, including even human nature.

Alchemical Elements

Recordings of our Exploration into Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy – Introduction
Inner Alchemy – Calcination
Inner Alchemy – Dissolution
Inner Alchemy – Separation
Inner Alchemy – Conjunction
Inner Alchemy – Fermentation
Inner Alchemy – Distillation
Inner Alchemy – Coagulation
Inner Alchemy – Soul Integration