Mystery School Basics – Consciousness of Sacred Geometry & Number


Series 1: Consciousness of Sacred Geometry & Number

Develop your understanding about the fundamental building blocks of consciousness; unlock the hidden intelligence in the world that surround us; and gain insight into how this brings deeper awareness to assist your own journey of conscious development … be ready for a fascinating journey of discovery.

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with Alison Jarred

Course Details

Series 1: Consciousness of Sacred Geometry & Number

Transform the way you see the world … within and without!

An online journey exploring how consciousness expresses itself through the geometries of 1 to 9.

9 consecutive lessons

More than just an exploration of shapes and numbers, this insightful enquiry will assist you in understanding yourself; strengthening your connection with the natural worlds; and opening your perception to the fractal interconnection of forms and their esoteric meanings.

Learn the language of the Divine Creator expressed as shapes and numbers within the Universe, from macro to micro. Hermetic philosophy teaches “as above so below, as within so without” which indicates that when we understand the archetypal meaning of these sacred patterns, we can unlock the secrets of Life.


Featuring 9 x 90min sessions + 9 E-books + 9 mandalas with guided meditations

Cost: $369


This online journey of 9 lessons will explore how consciousness expresses itself through the geometries and numbers 1 to 9.

The course will:

  • take you on a journey through the archetypes of 1 to 9,
  • explore the sacred geometries that express these archetypes,
  • demonstrate how this knowledge relates to the growth of consciousness,
  • assist you to expand your own perceptions, and
  • open keyways to help you unlock the secret language of creation.

Each lesson includes:

  • Recorded Lesson (viewable online)
  • Downloadable E-book PDF
  • Downloadable Meditation with Mandala
About your Instructor

AlisonAlison Jarred has studied within international mystery schools since 1990, learning ancient esoteric wisdoms, training in energy work, and reawakening her own soul memories to access the hidden teachings of higher consciousness.

Alison has conducted wisdom circles since 2011, holds regular community guided meditations and is a regular presenter of spiritual wisdoms in live workshops and conscious gatherings.

She is a dynamic teacher with a passion to share these important keys of wisdom so you can deepen your own understandings and be empowered to grow your consciousness.